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Do you offer standardized products?


We have standardized products for PEEK and TPI in the super engineering plastic ultra-thin tubing series. For EP, CR, silicone rubber foam square and round, and solid rubber tubes, we have molds, but we do not stock products. If you are interested in production, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. The Silicone Trim Series, Eco Foam Trim, Eco Trim, and Trim Series are sold as standard products, so please refer to our catalog. We also sell in cut-off quantities.

List of Standards (Silicone Foam, Tube, HOTTY Sponge) (PDF file)
Trim Series (PDF file)
Ultrathin PEEK Tubing Specifications List(PDF file)
Ultrathin TPI Tubing Specifications(PDF file)

We are waiting for technical consultation and sample requests!

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries about our products, technical consultation for rubber/resin extrusion molding, requesting samples of our products, etc.
In addition, this inquiry is for corporations only. Please note that we cannot answer inquiries from individuals.

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