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What kinds of materials can you handle for 3D printing services?


A wide variety of materials are available.
PLA, ABS, PC, PP, PA, super engineering plastic (PEEK, PEI [ULTEM], PPS), soft (100% liquid silicone rubber molding, rubber-like soft resin), Luminous materials, SLA (acrylic material-based general industrial materials, ABS-like, rubber-like, washable resin, dental materials, high transparent materials), etc.
We can also handle long products (approx. 3000L in length) and digital graining (graining on the surface of the modeled object).
For more information, please see the “3D Printing service” page.”

We are waiting for technical consultation and sample requests!

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries about our products, technical consultation for rubber/resin extrusion molding, requesting samples of our products, etc.
In addition, this inquiry is for corporations only. Please note that we cannot answer inquiries from individuals.

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