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People are the origin of everything
A company with a passionate heart and vitality

Our 3D printer business is different from conventional processing methods, and contributes as a processing method that will change the industry in the future. In the extruded products business, we produce environmentally friendly biodegradable resin products, as well as airtight and watertight materials for highly airtight houses, which are essential to our daily lives. Contributing to the environment through development, etc. is very profound, has dreams, and can contribute greatly to society. We are promoting the creation of a more attractive company as these two manufacturers. We are looking for applications from people with flexible ideas and hot hearts. We always have advantages that large companies do not have. Please feel free to contact us.

Working environment of Hotty Polymer

Establishment of the Employee Satisfaction Improvement Committee

Twice a year, staff members appointed by the company run the Employee Satisfaction Improvement Committee. In this committee, the flow is to convey the requests of employees to the management, pick up requests that the management does not notice, and the company side responds according to the content.

Application Requirements

Hotty Polymer Co., Ltd. is urgently recruiting for the following industries for business expansion.
Please feel free to contact us.

technical job Mixing design for rubber products, mold design for rubber/resin products, mold design for hard resin products.

*Only experienced candidates will be recruited.

Hotty polymer talked about by seniors

Senior employees regularly hold technical study sessions with their teachers, exchange information on products and market trends,
and send employees to technical training outside the company.
We aim to create a corporate culture that allows us to fully demonstrate our capabilities.

Quality Assurance Department H

We are working every day to satisfy our customers with stable quality.

It’s been 7 years since I joined the company. I mainly do the final inspection of rubber resin extruded products.
I’ve gotten used to it now, but I remember having a hard time remembering and inspecting each one at first because the number of products was huge.
In other work, we are doing trial and error with visual inspection equipment to create internal and external materials and detect defects in the process.
The work of quality assurance itself is rather plain work, but I am working on my daily work to ensure that there are no defects at the stage of final inspection, and to satisfy customers with stable quality in other matters as well. increase.

Production Department Resin Production Section S

Easy to communicate with and enjoy working

I joined the company as an operator and have been doing extrusion work for resin products on a daily basis.
When I first joined the company, I didn’t have any experience with extrusion molding, so I didn’t know right or left, but I gradually became able to do it with the help of my seniors. Some of the products are very difficult to mold, so I feel very happy and fulfilled when I can mold them by myself.
The atmosphere of the workplace is also good, so it is easy to consult when I have a problem or a problem, and it is easy to communicate, so I can enjoy my work.
The atmosphere of the workplace is also good, so it is easy to consult when I have a problem or a problem, and it is easy to communicate, so I can enjoy my work.

Manufacturing Department Refining Manager S

I enjoy working in a very lively department every day.

It’s been 10 months since I joined the company.
I work as an assistant in the refining department.
I still have a lot of things to do, but I always do my best to grow every day under the guidance of senior employees.
Communication is good in the Refinement Section, and I enjoy working in a very lively department every day.
Currently, there are many places where I rely on senior employees, but I would like to gain more experience and grow and devote myself to being able to do kneading and compounding work in multiple ways.

Production Department Business Section N

I think that it is a good company that is worthwhile and everyone in the company can work hard with goals.

In the Operations Section, I am mainly in charge of organizing the warehouse and shipping products.
There are surprisingly many things to remember in the work of the business department, for example, there are more than 200 types of products that I can remember.
When I first joined the company, I was worried whether I would be able to remember, but when I was worried, my seniors gave me advice and polite guidance. I’m here.
The workplace has such an atmosphere that it is easy to report, contact, and consult with each other.
The work is hard, but it is rewarding, and I think it is a good company where everyone can set goals and work hard.

Technology Department Technology Section N

I enjoy my work because I can work with a sense of fun and free thinking.

I majored in mechanical engineering at university and graduate school, and my previous job involved designing and developing products.
I have experience working with 3D printers both at work and in my personal life, and I applied to Hotty Polymer because I thought I could make the most of it.
It’s been about 1 year and 5 months since I joined the company, but currently I’m mainly working on commissioned modeling from customers, and sometimes I create 3D data from drawings and 3D scan the actual product to convert it into data.
There is also a job where I create modeled product samples for customers who come to visit exhibitions and in-house showrooms.
One of the attractions is that there are many opportunities to handle molding machines and equipment that are unique to the company, and that this is directly linked to improving your own skills. I am striving to meet the wishes of many customers by increasing what I can do and my own drawers.

Technology Department Technology Section A

Encouraged by the warm atmosphere of the company, you can work with a sense of security

It has been five years since I joined the engineering department as the first foreigner to join the company. When designing molds, it is necessary to consider various points such as the shape of the product and the life of the mold. It requires advanced technical skills, and I was not able to make it well in the beginning, but I think that I have been able to learn from mistakes and mistakes and grow, which has led to the improvement of my technical skills. In addition, I feel that it is a very flexible company that allows me to challenge various things such as inspection of rubber raw materials and 3D printers, and to expand my own possibilities.
Until now, I have never felt any discrimination or prejudice against women or foreigners. I am truly grateful that I am encouraged by the warm atmosphere in the company and that I can work with a sense of security.
We will continue to acquire more advanced technology and develop original products while improving our level so that we can meet the needs of our customers.

Sales Department Sales Section I

The reason I’ve been able to continue to this day is because I was able to find “rewarding” in this job.

2023 will be my 7th year with the company.
It was my first workplace as a member of society, so when I first joined the company, everything was new to me. Also, I had a hard time remembering the technical terms, partly because I was in sales for a manufacturer.
Even so, I believe that the reason why I have been able to continue to this day is because I was able to find “rewarding” in this work. Of course, there are times when I still cause trouble for our customers, but when I go to PR for a product and they say things like, “Your technical skills are high” or “It’s wonderful,” it makes me happy. With that kind of feeling, I am working hard in sales activities, such as product PR and wondering if there is anything I can do to cooperate with customers.
As for the environment in the company, there are many warm seniors who give me kind guidance, so I am working hard to respond to their feelings.

Sales Department Sales Section F

A company with a warm atmosphere and an environment where you can take on the challenge of manufacturing and selling new products

I am a sales employee who has been with the company for a year and a half.
I started from a completely different industry by changing jobs from the hotel industry.
When I first joined the company, there was a lot to learn, from product knowledge to sales mindset.
Currently, my job is to propose our products to new customers, solve customer problems, and coordinate product delivery dates.
Above all, I was very happy to have the experience of proposing a new 3D printer business to a customer who has been with us for a long time, leading to consignment services and machine sales. In addition, even customers who initially feel a little uneasy will find it very rewarding the moment they feel that they have opened up to them as they visit them many times and interact with them regarding the launch of the product.
I feel that Hotty Polymer is a company that has a very warm atmosphere where everyone respects each other and an environment where you can take on the challenge of manufacturing and selling new products, and I am very happy to be working as a member. I’m here.

We are waiting for technical consultation and sample requests!

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries about our products, technical consultation for rubber/resin extrusion molding, requesting samples of our products, etc.
In addition, this inquiry is for corporations only. Please note that we cannot answer inquiries from individuals.

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